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I am writer, producer, and director based in Philadelphia, PA. I recently graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies and Production. In my senior year, I helped direct and produce shows on Temple's very own TV station, TUTV. I also directed a documentary, True Gritty, which focuses on a the Flyer's big, orange mascot, Gritty. Check it out, you might learn a few things! 

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I am passionate about the film & media industry

I mean, have you seen Chernobyl?! I'm very (unhealthily?) interested in all things media. When I'm not working, I can be found watching the latest Netflix hit series or harassing my friends to go with me to whatever is opening that weekend. I watch every behind-the-scenes documentary I can find and love listening to critics review just about anything. My favorite directors are, but not limited to, Taika Waititi, Brad Bird, Denis Villeneuve, Greta Gerwig, and Alejandro Inarritu. My awareness of what's popular in the mainstream helps me bring new ideas to the table while adding a fresh twist on what's been done before.

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